Tuesday, June 5, 2018

How To Qualify IIT JAM Entrance Exam

Most people would have heard the word IIT but have not bothered to know its meaning. IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology. They are the body responsible for conducting examinations into most renowned technical colleges in India.

Every year, candidates register for IIT JAM Entrance Exam which happens to be the test conducted before getting admitted for the MSc and postgraduate degree programs at IITs. However, it’s important for candidates to check for eligibility before applying for the IIT JAM Entrance Exam.

Here are steps to take to know whether you are qualified for the examination or not:

Step 1Have a Bachelor’s degree: For you qualify for IIT JAM Entrance Exam, you must have a Bachelor’s degree. This is the essential prerequisite to gaining admission through JAM.

Step 2
Aggregate mark: The aggregate mark scored is very crucial to your qualification for this critical examination. You need to score at least 55% which must have aggregated all subjects offered which include languages and subsidiaries. If you are a candidate seeking admission into General Category, then your aggregate score will be at least 50% which must have aggregated all subjects offered which includes languages and subsidiaries.

Step 3

For candidates who do not use percentage mark for grading, their cumulative grade point average (CGPA) will be decided using percentage equivalence by the Admitting Institute(s). 

Step 4
A candidate must be able to show proof that he/she passed the Qualifying Degree and possess the Minimum Educational-Qualifications (MEQ).
Step 5

At the period of admission, admitted student must be able to present a certificate of physical fitness duly signed by a registered medical practitioner. Candidates should also be prepared for a physical fitness test which would be determined by the medical board of the Admitting Institute. In light of this, a candidate who is not physically fit is not eligible to apply for the IIT JAM Entrance-Exam. This is because aside from passing the exam, you will also be subjected to physical check to confirm your suitability.
Minimum Educational Requirements

We have mentioned this earlier when mentioning the steps, but we need to dwell more emphasis on it. For example, if you are applying for a Master’s degree in biotechnology, you need to have passed courses like Biotechnology, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics for two years/four semesters. IIT jam biotechnology coaching in Delhi is available for students in biotechnology.

With the biotechnology coaching in Delhi, you will be guaranteed a better grade and better results than your peers. These are the significant things to consider before applying for the IIT JAM Entrance-Exam.
Some other points to note when applying for IIT JAM Entrance Exam includes:
(a) The candidate is solely responsible for proving that he/she meets up with the eligibility requirements as well as minimum educational qualifications needed for admissions.
(b) at any stage during the admission process, the admitting institute reserves the right to cancel the candidate admission if found to have gained entry into a course of study which he/she is not qualified for by the existing rules and regulations.

When it comes to admission and examinations, candidates need to read and understand all instructions to avoid disqualifications and waste of time and money. Candidates also need to prepare well for examinations by reading and going for tutorial classes.

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